How Your Durastill Works

In the distillation process, water in the boiling tank comes to a boil, creating steam.

The steam rises, leaving behind bacteria killed in the boiling process, as well as chemicals, minerals, and harmful pollutants from the source water.

The steam moves into the condenser coils where it is cooled by air and condenses to become pure distilled water.

A Critical Situation

The need and availability of pure CLEAN water for human consumption is now turning into a critical situation. Now pollution of our streams is affecting our water. Some tap and well waters have been found to contain high concentrations of chlorides, chlorine, florine, nitrates, chemical salts, sulphates, carbonates of sodium, nitrites, lead and many new contaminants which are entering our waterways daily.

Local health and water supply authorities steadily work to combat these contaminants as well as serious outbreaks of Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other waterborne parasites, but their task can be overwhelming.

"Boil Your Water?"

When a local water supply crisis develops, the most common instruction from local health authorities is "Boil Your Water". With a DURASTILL home system the water is always boiled, but boiling is only the first step. After boiling, the steam is carried off, condensed and passed through a carbon post-filter while the minerals and remains of the dead cysts and bacteria are left behind to be sent down the drain.

Distilled Water Is The Standard For Water Purity

Filters and R.O. units alone don't come close to providing the water purity that a DURASTILL can routinely deliver.

Durastill Distillers Are Built To Last

All DURASTILL models now have Evaporators made of 316 Alloy Stainless Steel and annealed Stainless Steel Floats for greater life expectancy in harsh feedwater conditions. Incoloy heating elements are used throughout the line. Storage tanks and external housings and trim are Type 304 Stainless Steel for durable good looks.

Time Proven DURASTILL Controls Protect Your Investment

Simple, rugged, and dependable float-operated controls provide automatic control of the heating element and are further protected by a heavy-duty thermostatic switch. Storage tanks with float control make the maintenance of a dependable reservoir of distilled water automatic.

DURASTILL'S quarter century track record demonstrates:
"Quality that you can depend on"

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